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All permanent makeup and micro blading appointments require a consultation appointment first to discuss the expectations, procedure and

the technique to be used, fill out required paperwork and discuss pre-care and after-care.  

A $75 nonrefundable deposit is required at the time of consultation to reserve your appointment. All prices include 6 week perfecting appointment. If you miss your 6 week perfecting appointment additional charges will apply.

Permanent Makeup & Micro Blading

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Eyeliner                                           Upper and/or Lower                                                              

Mucosal Alone                                 (Waterline)                                                              

Mucosal                                           Added to Eyeliner   


Powder Eyebrows                                

Lip Liner                                               

Full Lip                                           No Liner











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Micro Blading                                       

Shading Alone


Shading                                         Added to Micro Blading


Micro Blading Touch-up                    18 Month

       Existing Clients ONLY

Micro Blading Touch-up                   New Clients






What is the difference between

Micro Blading and Permanent Makeup?

 Micro blading mimics tiny hair strokes with the option of adding shading to soften the

line. Permanent makeup eyebrows, often called powder brows, are a more solid look 

done with a different tool.

Both are a form of semi permanent tattooing using different tools.  Micro blading needs

to be touched up every 18 to 24 months, whereas permanent makeup can last

5 to 8 years with out a touch up.

Do you think your eyes are your best feature? Do you find that getting your eyes to look acceptable in the morning is a challenge? You can now remove that stress from the beginning of your day with our permanent makeup eyeliner and eyebrows.


Putting eyeliner on in the morning is difficult and time consuming. If you don’t have the best eyesight, it can become even more challenging to apply or if you experience the effects of

dry eye, which is constant watering of your eyes, this could be the perfect solution. 

Save yourself the time in the mornings and let us help you get that permanent look

that will enhance your life. 

Implantation of subtle shadowing in the lashline can mimic hundreds of tiny eyelashes. This

is incredibly popular among women as well as men to achieve a very natural appearance. Depending on your desired results, a bold line can be achieved as well.


Permanent eyeliner is recommended by ophthalmologists for those who are allergic to makeup and for people who wear contact lenses.

Anyone who uses an eyebrow pencil is guaranteed to love permanent eyebrows or micro blading with shading. It takes less than 2 hours to apply, and you’ll have eyebrows that frame your face and look fuller. You will be able to continue looking your best whether you're swimming, playing at the lake or working out at the gym.

If you’ve ever thought about how nice it would be to not have to get up so early to put

your makeup on or are tired of dealing with the mid-day smears and touch-ups, let us be a part of your solution.


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